What are the best places for Biryani in Kolkata?

Best Places for Biryani
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Be it Moghlai Biryani or Abadhi Biryani or Hyderabad Biryani every taste attracts us equally. So today, there are 3 biryani food places in Kolkata where you can taste the best biryani.

List of Best Places for Biryani in Kolkata

1.Oudh 3

If you like Abdi Biriyani or Lakhani Biriyani, you should be the first Biriyani Dham in your list. Here you will find food from both Moghlai and Audhi Its run biryani, dum biryani you can put on the list of favorites Along with the taste of its biryani, the ambiance of this restaurant will equally attract you You can find this restaurant in two places in Kolkata. Patriot Park, (25 / B Patriot Park) and Saltlake Sector 3 (CD Block / Plot 1). Food, service, environment, and price of food can be added to your list of ‘oods.’

Oudh 1590P-562 Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Opp. Kamala Girls School, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

2. Arslan Restaurant

Another sure-to-be favorite biryani food destination for Biriyani lovers is Arslan This is a very old restaurant in Kolkata If your favorite is Moghlai Biriyani, book your list at the Arslan Restaurant right now You will find it at both the Park Circus and Ballygunge Its biryani and kebab have long been satisfying biryani lovers So arrive late today at Arsenal, and be content with your passion.

Arsalan Restaurant And CatererMarina garden court, No. 191, 7 Point, Park Circus, Beniapukur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

3. Aminia 

Finding someone who is Kolkata resident who has not been tested for biriyani in Aminia but has difficulty | But if you have not really gone yet, you can leave late at the Aminia Restaurant You can find this restaurant in SN Banarjee Road, Rajarhat, Baghajatin, Rasbihari Avenue, Garia, Hatibagan. Here you will also find mainly Moghlai biryani All the big and small can freely taste biryani here The quality and value of the food here will satisfy you It is also one of the old biryani restaurants in Kolkata

Aminia Restaurant – RajarhatRajarhat Main Rd, opposite Karnataka Bank, Chinar Park, Sukanta Pally, Baguiati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700136

4. Best places for biryani-Siraj Golden Restaurant

The name you can immediately list as Biriyani Destination is Siraj Golden Restaurant. Here, along with the Moghlai biryani, different types of kebabs will attract the same way The quantity, taste and price of the food will not disappoint you You can find it in various places in Kolkata such as Ajay Nagar, Park Street, Fulbagan, Saltlake Sector-3. So choose one of the holidays without delay

Shiraz Golden Restaurant135, Park St, behind Neuro Science Hospital, Park Circus, Beniapukur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014

5. Jum Jum Restaurant

If you want to taste good biryani at a low cost, you must come to Jum Jum Restaurant You can find it in Antalya, Park Circus, Khidirpur Basically you will find biryani and other dishes from the Moghlai family

Zam Zam Restaurant9/1, Noor Ali Ln, behind Frank Anthony Public School, Beniapukur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014

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