Top Places For The Best Biryani In Kolkata

Best Biryani in Kolkata
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Best biryani in kolkata can be found at the top 2 places. To the people of Kolkata, the festival means one thing now – Biryani. Be it Puja or Feast, Marriage or Annapurna, everything will be biryani in the main course. The upset – the mind is good, the job is done – or the job is gone. Pure Moghlai This cuisine came to India through the kitchen of Mughal Nawab Babar, it is a dish made in Indian Pulao, a spice of Mughal meat and Parsi rice dish Pilaf. This dish, made from various spices from India and the Middle East, contains long rice of impossible odor that is cooked with various spices, including an egg of chicken or mutton and an egg and a delicious and soft potato that is added to the plate of this biryani. A different taste. What? Water on the tongue, wish you? We will end that wish. Today we will address the best biryani in Kolkata.

Address of the best 2 biryani in Kolkata

In Kolkata, festivals mean eating and eating is biryani. And this Kolololini gives us the taste of some wonderful biryani, all those biryani we have given here. Read on to find out the best berries in Kolkata.

1. Oudh 1590 (Oudh Salt Lake)

Oudh is the best address for pure Oudh Biriani in the very center of Kolkata. Authentic Moghlai Environment With Oudh Cooking If you want to eat, Oudh is your destination.

  • – ” Pure Moghlai cuisine and its extraordinary Moghlai atmosphere and decor, all together with its jury fair load. And here is the Oudh Biryani La Jawb. For biriyani-lovers like me, this is the number one choice. ”- Anshree Sen
  • What to Look for – Odd dishes that have everything to look at once. Besides, the desserts here are delicious too.
  • The reason for the popularity – you are bound to think of yourself as the Nawab-Badsha in the Mughal style of dressing and serving style of the employees here.
  • Branch – Patriot Park.

2. Royal Indian Hotel Privet (Royal Indian Hotel Private, 1, Rabindra Sarani)

It is very little in Kolkata where the tradition of Calcutta is more beautiful than that. Kolkata is famous for eating great flavors at a low price in a beautifully decorated environment. If you like Moghlai’s Michelle with the feel of Kolkata, then the ideal place for you would be Royal Indian Hotel Private.

  • “All the great dishes are available at very low prices. And the taste of the biryani here is unparalleled.
  • And what to look for – Side dishes, along with main dishes, especially chicken side dishes, are delicious and popular. Plus, the mutton keema dish is great with biryani.
  • Branch – No.

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