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Kolkata Biryani is the fame of indian cooking. You are welcome 🙂 to kolkatabiryani.com, an Indian Food Blog on simple vegetarian and non-vegetarian Biryani recipes.

You can find food recipes for all seasons, every mood and any age group. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced cook, I am sure you will find exciting & practically possible Kolkata Biryani recipes here that will enhance your cooking skills.

Kolkata biryani

Digital Chef Tanuj is an award-winning global marketing leader and a digital evangelist who has explored various cultures and cuisines across the globe. With a passion for food and zest for life, he believes that food nourishes both body and spirit. He loves to experiment with new dishes and uses locally grown organic ingredients with an eye for detail, presentation, and color. His motto is to pay respect to the ingredients and pour love into food. He believes in “Do what you love and love what you do”, and this book is the first step towards it. Biryani of Kolkatais one of his favourite biryanis.

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